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ZDMP offers an open Industry 4.0 environment where a new generation of developed zero-defect service applications will be available in a marketplace contributing to create an ecosystem where ZDMP stakeholders would be able to interact with each other.

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A Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform exists independently between the hardware and the application layers of the technology stack. Its platform will integrate with any connected device and any partner to blend them in with device applications, exposed services and enable implementation of features and functions into any device and with any application in the same way.

Establishing a complete system for such Industry 4.0 solutions is a huge undertaking for even the most resourceful companies. It requires significant expert know-how, time and capital – and in the end, companies end up plagued by long IT project cycles and low return on investment. Ready-built, open, reference platforms such as ZDMP can simplify the development of Zero Defects applications by easily connecting existing (and new) devices and sensors and enables connections to related information systems and operational assets, delivering more comprehensive business value than a do-it-yourself platform.

Scalability is critical; Platforms need to scale to meet the needs of any company, domain, and easily accommodate continued growth and change in devices, technology, automation, and use. Another critical element is the support of existing technologies and standards and not re-inventing the wheel “…purchasing 10-20 different services from 10-20 different vendors using 10-20 different Apps with 10-20 different user interfaces is never a perfect solution. If that’s the way IoT goes, it will be a long tough slog to Nirvana”: Bob Harden, Principal, The Harden Group.

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ZDMP hits many of the challenges with a mission of: To establish a smart Zero Defects environment by deployment and networking of an Intelligent and SME-friendly Platform, Application Studio and Marketplace of developed functionality, applications, and services.

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