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"Welcome to Zero Defects Manufacturing; the platform, components, and marketplace to achieve the right product, at the right time, with the right conditions using the right resources."
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ZDMP Legacy

We've reached the end of an incredible journey with our project, ZDMP - Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform!  Although the project has concluded, the legacy lives on, please check out the final newsletter, which is available for you to explore!. See: ZDMP Newsletter Ed6 2023
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ZDMP Marketplace, Platform and Assets are now transferred to i4FS. Check it out




ZDMP is built using existing technology as well as newly built components and zApps.  Check out our architecture pages for further details.


ZDMP includes industrial demonstrators including those in sectors of Automotive, Machine Tools, Construction, and Electronics. All of them are of vital importance to the European economy providing jobs for more than 33 million people and accounts for 13% of the EU's GDP.


Achieving excellence in European and Global Manufacturing. In response to the European Unions H2020 call on Factories of the Future, the ZDMP (Zero-Defect Manufacturing Platform) was selected to establish and develop a digital platform for connected smart factories for achieving excellence in manufacturing through zero-defect processes and products thanks to the use of zero-defect core services for developing APPs. 

To validate the ZDMP concept, four industrial demonstrators were included (Automotive, Machine Tools, Construction and Electronics). These demonstrators also enable a cross-sector and enhanced cooperation by providing companies the ability of avoiding or reducing the appearance and spread of defects along the supply chain. ZDMP involves 30 partners from 11 different EU member states and is formally coordinated by UNINOVA, managed by Information Catalyst, with a duration of 54 months from the 1st of January of 2019.

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