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Documentation and Resources for ZDMP Open Call 1

To help you with your submission, you can download the ZDMP Open Call documentation and resources here.

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ZDMP Open Call 2 is extended to 15th of October 5pm CET, 2021 from the 1st October. The new date supersedes any and all references to the previous date which may be in published material such as webinar videos, Guidance for Applicants etc.


The absolutely key must-read document to guide you through this process is the Guidance for Applicants

Submission Process

All applications are only to be submitted online via the F6S submission platform This can also be accessed from Submissions received in any other way will not be evaluated.

Submitters will need to register their organisation on the F6S platform before being able to complete the online submission form.

Submission Support

To support the submission process, ZDMP also provides the following submission support pathway:​

It should be emphasized that the ‘route’ to a successful submission is to follow the submission support pathway above.

This means first understand the Call; second take time to learn about ZDMP, ZApps and zComponents; next attend/watch a support webinar; then review the Call 1 FAQs; and finally ask any questions only if necessary.

In addition, take note of Annex 5: FAQs from Open Call 1 of this document which contains questions asked during Call 1 the answers to which should be useful to you.

ESSENTIAL: First read the Guidance for Applicants.


CONTINUOUSLY: Refer to our ZDMP Call FAQ and these pages for any updates.  It is your responsibility to check the final parameters via these pages in case any anomalies are identified.


Proposal Creation: Your proposal should be created according to the ZDMP Guidance for Applicants (ZDMP G4A) document and only according to the ZDMP proposal word template identified below. Once final this should be saved as a PDF.

Proposal Submission: ALL applications MUST be made via the ZDMP submissions platform: and not by any other means.  Depending on whether you have used the platform before you may need to either login (possibly entering further details) or create a new profile for yourself.  After this, and as defined in the Guidance for Applicants, you will then be asked a series of high level questions related to your proposal as well as declaring that:

  • All parties in the proposer team are legal, solvent business entities, established in the EU, Associated Countries or the UK, and eligible for Horizon 2020 funding.

  • There is no known conflicts of interest between this proposer and any member of the ZDMP Consortium.

Do not forget to upload on time!

Specific information for Call 2

Guidance for Applicants :

For all definitive information about the Open Call

Proposal Template :

This is the submission form that you need to complete and upload to 

Please note the template/process has been upgraded since ZDMP Open Call 1.

Call FAQs :

To find out what others have been asking…

Call Webinars :

To register your attendance at our Application Support Webinars.

F6S Portal :

ZDMP Open Call Application Portal (F6S)

Resource Downloads
Supporting information for Call 2

Dataset for Experimentation :

(Energy Consumption Dataset.csv)

Promotion Newsletter :

For an initial review of zComponents please view our blogs.

To find out more about the ZDMP Experimentation Facility.

To access ZDMP datasets that can be used by subcalls.

For technical information about ZDMP platform and components.

An overview of ZDMP Documentation.

A technical description of every component of the ZDMP architecture.

Information on the IPR restrictions on the use of ZDMP components by subcalls.


Contact us on – Please note that we expect to respond within 2 working days, but we can not comment on individual proposal ideas that you may have.

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