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Documentation and Resources for ZDMP Open Call 1

To help you with your submission, you can download the ZDMP Open Call documentation and resources here.

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Call 1 is now closed. Call 2 will open August-September 2021. Please register with us to be informed when it is open.
Submission Process

This is a two-step submission process.

Step 1. Read the Guidance for Applicants and Download the Proposal Template and complete it.

Step 2. Upload completed template to

ESSENTIAL: First read the Guidance for Applicants.


CONTINUOUSLY: Refer to our ZDMP Call FAQ and these pages for any updates.  It is your responsibility to check the final parameters via these pages in case any anomalies are identified.


Proposal Creation: Your proposal should be created according to the ZDMP Guidance for Applicants (ZDMP G4A) document and only according to the ZDMP proposal word template identified below. Once final this should be saved as a PDF.


Additional Material:  In addition, as also defined in the ZDMP G4A, you will need to sign the PDF versions of the Ethics Statement, and Declaration of Honour forms.  You may also need to provide additional material regarding linked platforms, datasets, or 3rd party industrial facilities as defined in the ZDMP G4A Section 5.5.


Proposal Submission: ALL applications MUST be made via the ZDMP submissions platform: and not by any other means.  Depending on whether you have used the platform before you may need to either login (possibly entering further details) or create a new profile for yourself.  After this, and as defined in the Guidance for Applicants, you will then be asked a series of high level questions related to your proposal as well as declaring that:

  • All parties in the proposer team are legal, solvent business entities, established in the EU, Associated Countries or the UK, and eligible for Horizon 2020 funding.

  • There is no known conflicts of interest between this proposer and any member of the ZDMP Consortium.

You will also be asked to upload the additional material; Mandatory: Ethics and Declaration of Honour forms; Conditional: eg use of data sets.


Do not forget to upload on time!

Documentation and Resources

Guidance for Applicants :

For all definitive information about the Open Call

Proposal Template :

This is the submission form that you need to complete and upload to

Declaration of Honour :

Ethics Statement :

Dataset for Experimentation :

(Energy Consumption Dataset.csv)

Promotion Newsletter :


Contact us on – Please note that we expect to respond within 2 working days, but we can not comment on individual proposal ideas that you may have.

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