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Pilots and research & development of components will be performed in parallel in a hybrid-agile approach. Pilots can be re-scheduled and re-scoped to mitigate against the delayed delivery of software. 


Machine Tools

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ZDMP Use Cases - Construction -

Cross Domain




Experimentation Facility


Reference Implementation


Small/Emerging Pilots



Large/Traditional Pilots

ZDMP will provide solutions that not only to allow industrial companies to predict, detect, and correct defects in a specific product manufacturing stage but to prevent their spread downstream the supply chain. For this reason, the two supply chains (Assembly and Provision) are considered linking industrial companies and crossing different industrial sectors to manufacture the products (see figure below).  The Assembly supply chain will cover two branches: i) Manufacturing of the engine block component of the car involving HSD (machine tool head supplier), FIDIA (machine tool manufacturer), FORM (engine blocks moulds manufacturer), MARH (engine blocks aluminium injection part manufacturer), and FORD (engine blocks machining and assembly). This branch also includes SAND as supplier of tools for the machining process in FORD, and ii) Manufacturing of the instrument cluster engaging MASS (assembly lines manufacturer), , ALPHA (inspection equipment provider), and CONT (electronic product manufacturer). 

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ZDMP will allocate approximately 3.2 Million Euro to provide Financial Support for small pilots carried out by third parties, primarily SMEs, to use and validate ZDMP functionalities. These Third Parties will be selected through the Open Calls mechanism. These pilots will validate the ZDMP open environment and will form an important part of the community engagement, ecosystem building, exploitation, and impact of the project. 

ZDMP will deploy/validate the ZDMP environment in pre-defined use cases which have been chosen for their complementary nature yet building upon some common themes. A total of 13 Use Cases are grouped in two supply chains, Assembly and Provision, representing four main Industrial Sectors: Automotive, Machine Tools, Electronics, and Construction.

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