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Actifs ZDMP - Vue Projet

Documents IPR 

Data Source Manager
Autonomous Computing Component
Autonomous and distributed computing
SDK service connector
Application Builder
Distributed Computing Component
Data capture strategy of the sensors installed in the machining heads
FTPM Portal - Maximum
Ford 4.0 platform
Ford Niagara Data Capture
Forecast algorithms for detecting the Tool
Forecast algorithms for head break detection
Multivariate SPC
Cloud data algorithms
Sensors design and application
ICE Data Platform (IDP) – Design Time
ICE Data Platform (IDP) – Runtime
ICE Process Designer
ICE ZDMP Application Run-Time
ICE ZDMP Interplatform ‘Future Platform’
Business Model Design and Exploitable Results Methodology - MECENUM
C2NET Collaborative Network Manager User Interface (CNM-UI)
C2NET Collaborative Network Manager component (CNM)
Characteristics extraction and quality threshold definition
Requirements Setting Methodology
Secure Authentication/Authorisation
Toolboxes for time series modelling analysis and KPI extraction
Toolboxes for time series modelling analysis and KPI extraction
vf-OS Control: Security
Characteristics extraction and quality threshold definition toolboxes
Secure Installation
ITI AI Analytics Runtime
ITI Deploy&Forget WSN
ITI Product Assurance Run-Time - Supervision
ITI Secure Communication
CREMA Monitoring and Alerting Component (MON)
Active learning tool
Multi-stage modelling
Statistics software for surface inspection defect analysis and visualisation
Adamos Service Plugin
Apama Streaming Analytics
Data Acquisition and IIoT
Services and Message Bus
Universal Messaging
WebMethods Integration Server
Human Collaboration
Machine Learning Server
Marketplace - Backend
Distributed Computing Component
Data Source Registry
Data Source Adapters
Data Source Manager
Data Source Manager
Legacy system hub – C2NET
Semantic Reasoner
C2NET Optimization
Prediction and Optimisation Designer
vf-OS IO Toolkit Generator
Security Designer (SD)
Socio-Economic Impact Assessment - FITMAN (FP7 604674)
System Security Modeller (SSM)
VSYS AI Image Classifier
VSYS AI Image Labeller
VSYS AI quality predictor
VSYS FeaturesAnalysisSuite
VSYS MVD MachineVisionDesigner
VSYS Silhouette Suite

Les informations présentées ici sont une vue étendue des informations sur les DPI du projet, principalement pertinentes pour les partenaires du projet. Pour la majorité des visiteurs, y compris les partenaires de sous-appel, nous recommandons une version réduite de ceci sur les pages de sous-appel.


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