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ZDMP Asset - SubCall View

IPR Asset Information

IPR Asset Name


Asset Description


Contact Email

What is the Main associated RTD Task?

Current State of Asset

Expected TRL (2019-09 - Project Month 9)

Expected TRL (2021-06 - Project Month 30)

Expected TRL (2022-12 - Project Month 48)

Name of component/subcomponent(s) in ZDMP Architecture?

Type of Asset

Type of Asset

For Background and Augmented Background 


For Results and Augmented Background 

Which other project Results is it dependent on (if any)? 

Expected IP protection

For Augmented Background only

What Background is it dependent on including subdependencies

Is it Open Source?

For Licensing of the Asset regardless of type

If the component IS Open Source, what is the Current License Type Now if Background, or Anticipated if Augmented Background or Results

If it is NOT Open Source, is there an Open Source variant of this component, and if so, what is the prime candidate are its limits compared with commercial offering

Other (Main) Sublicenses – ie which other licenses is it dependent on. Either Now, or Anticipated

Commercial Aspects – Subcalls IN Project

Regarding the sub calls, are there any issues?

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