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ZDMP aims to advance the application of Zero Defects manufacturing. The initial ZDMP ecosystem includes stakeholders from the automotive, electronics, machine tools, and construction sectors. This ecosystem will be extended through a €3.2 Million outreach investment programme. Both users and technology companies have the opportunity to join us through open calls that engage those working in the area of zero defects manufacturing.


The open calls will allow SMEs and start-ups to produce, or adapt, technical solutions and conduct pilots using the ZDMP platform, services, and applications. This will allow them and ZDMP to gain insight into the platform’s performance, acceptance, and viability, whilst seeding initial commercial relationships for the ZDMP business model and platform.


The strategy for open calls will be published around July 2020. For more information please visit and ensure you are subscribed for further news.

Do you have questions about the call; please email:

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ZDMP includes industrial demonstrators including those in sectors of Automotive, Machine Tools, Construction, and Electronics. All of them are of vital importance to the European economy providing jobs for more than 33 million people and accounts for 13% of the EU's GDP.

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Must project duration be exactly 9 months?

Yes, all project will be exactly 9 months. You may finish earlier but the schedule in terms of payments, deliverable review will be exactly the same. You may not finish later than 9 months.

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The time is xx o'clock.

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My middle name is Archibald

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My favourite beverage is coffee.




Stuart Campbell

ZDMP Project Manager

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