Stuart Campbell

ZDMP Project Manager

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631

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Get Involved in the ZDMP Ecosystem - Open Call Funding

The ZDMP Apps will be built through the ZDMP SDK (Software Development Kit) and take advantage of proven technology in other areas such as CREMA, C2NET, and vf-OS. The platform enables the collaboration of actors throughout the zero defects supply chain.

  • Manufacturing users can ask for new applications and algorithms or find existing ones from the marketplace to solve their own zero-defect manufacturing problems

  • Software developers can both respond to specific manufacturing user demands and self-innovate to design, build, and publish new applications and algorithms

  • Service providers will interact offering infrastructure for communications, storage, and processing

  • Consulting companies can interact as prescriber of the ZDMP solutions giving support to their customers

  • Zero-defect technology companies can provide the marketplace with drivers and APIs to access to access their technical equipment

The initial ZDMP ecosystem includes stakeholders from the automotive, electronics, and construction sectors. This ecosystem will be extended through a EUR 3.2 Million outreach investment programme. 3rd parties will have the opportunity join the ecosystem through open calls that engage companies working in the area of Industry 4.0. The open calls will allow industry, SMEs and start-ups to conduct pilots using the ZDMP platform, services and applications, gaining insight into the performance, acceptance and viability, whilst exploring and seeding initial commercial relationships for the platform business model.

The strategy for open calls will be published around Jul 2020 with the 1st round of open calls will be opened Jan 2021 with the 2nd round Jun 2021. A summary of the estimated open call budgets and timescales are given below.